I eat quick food a lot. It’s because I’m always busy and rarely get a chance to eat at my kitchen table. I’m either going to school or work or at school or work. Sometimes I go to the gym too. I might sleep occasionally. Not this week though. That’s why I “invented” quick food.

I can totally hear you asking “Okay, fine, what is quick food?” right? You totally are. Totally. Onward!

Quick food is food that’s quick? As in, it takes no time at all to prepare and is cheap and delicious. Like enchiladas! (En chee lah dahs.)

What’s that? Oh! You want to know why I don’t just eat out if I want enchiladas. Well, this meal probably cost me…. $10? And I’ll get 4 or 5 meals from it (I could get 10 meals if I had bought another can of enchilada sauce… but). Which means each meal is about $2. At Taco Bell I spend between $5 and $10. That really adds up. Taco Bell also has a bunch of questionable additions that I don’t feel kosher eating. I mean, it’s not that bad? But it’s bad. =( This is way better. And way easy.

Quick food not fast food. You should get on that if you’re not already. Have a recipe, duders.

Makes enough for you and some peeps
1 lb ground beef (or more if you want)
some shredded cheese
some tortillas
ground chili pepper
enchilada sauce of your choosing

Preheat oven to 375˚F. Fry the ground beef until cooked through(with onions if you want, and the chili peppers). Drain or don’t; up to you. Add two handfuls of shredded cheese (more if you’re making a bunch). Stir in about half of your enchilada sauce. Mix. Spoon onto tortillas. Roll them up and put them seam side down on a lightly greased pan (13 x 9). Pour the rest of your sauce on top. Add a handful (or so) of cheese and some more chili pepper. Pop in oven for 10 to 15 minutes… Cheese should be melted and it should be hot throughout. Devour.


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