Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes (and Lent!)

When I started this blog a few weeks ago I labeled it  as “just a food blog”. I thought, I’ll just put all the food I cook on this blog! Only, it’s hard to remember to take pictures as I cook. And some weeks I don’t cook at all. Somedays I just want to write about Lent. Or politics. Or something else.

Anyway. It’s become perfectly clear that I cannot run just a food blog. So I’m going to post about other things now. Don’t worry! I’ll still post about food! But I’m also going to post about other things. Like my upcoming Lent “challenge”, and restaurant reviews and politics. I’ve got a couple posts about food queued up but first: Lent challenge!

People ask me how I know things a lot. “How do you know about the chemical structure of THC?” “How do you know what Rick Santorum said about _____.” “Where did you learn about Roquefort cheese?” Generally I just respond “I dunno, read it somewhere, probably.”

In reality though: I know so much random stuff because I ask a lot of questions and then I try and answer those questions. One of my cardinal rules is a variation on “know thy enemy”. (IE: If I want to formulate an opinion on something I want to know as much as possible about it.) Which meant that when my brain went “I should give up something for Lent. Wait, what is Lent anyway?”. My automatic response was to learn all about Lent.

Well, long story short: there’s a lot. Like, insane amounts. And so… I’ve decided in order to educate myself about something that has such worldwide signifigance and participation…  that I will also participate in Lent this year by giving up something(s) for 40 days. (It’s a good practice anyway.) But I’m also going to go to church(es) and learn about Lent. And religion. Because being educated about things is important and it seems disrespectful to “participate in Lent” when I literally know nothing about it.

I’m going to start by answering the following questions:

  • Why do people “fast” during Lent?
  • What is the religious signifigance behind Lent?
  • Who practices Lent?
  • What should I give up?

I’ll post about the answers to those questions and announce what I’ve decided to give up on Fat Tuesday (2-21-12).

If you’re Catholic or you celebrate Lent let me know! I want to learn as much as possible!


2 thoughts on “Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes (and Lent!)

  1. I do three things for lent every year. One for God (like pray more frequently or read from a spiritual book every day), one for me (like give up chocolate, or shots, to improve the strength of my will), one for my neighbor, (resolve not to gossip, or go volunteer somewhere.)
    Lent is not so much about giving something up, though that is a big part of the tradition and is good. But the spirit of lent is a time to become a better more virtuous person, and at the end of the 40 days to find ourselves closer to God.

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