Hi! Hello! Thanks for stopping by! I’m really glad you’re reading this. You probably clicked the About button because you wanted to know about me, right? Well, here you go:

My name is Hannah and I’m a nineteen year old female living in the awesome state of Alaska. I like to cook, bake, create, learn and do things. I’m majoring in Hospitality and Restaurant Management at the University of Alaska Anchorage (it’s my third major).

From A Kitchen In the Mountains started as my adventures in food but quickly developed into something else. It’s currently a food/learning/political blog.

When I cook don’t really focus on a specific type of food… Though I like to bake more than cook, bread is love, and my family is Pennsylvania Dutch. Those facts, coupled with my former vegetarianism and my semi-subsitence lifestyle means I cook a lot of really weird things. Life in Alaska is unpredictable and so is my food. And my blog.

I take my photos with a Canon Rebel T3 and a standard 18-55 lens. Sometimes I might take them with my old manual SLR.  I’m new at it and switching from my manual SLR was weird. If you’ve got tips I’d love to hear them! All the photos on this blog are taken by me unless otherwise noted.

That’s pretty much all you need to know, I guess. If you want to chat you can tweet at me as twomoremiracles. And if you want to offer me a job or need to contact me about something else my email is h.kayye@gmail.com.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by!

Love, Hannah


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