I eat quick food a lot. It’s because I’m always busy and rarely get a chance to eat at my kitchen table. I’m either going to school or work or at school or work. Sometimes I go to the gym too. I might sleep occasionally. Not this week though. That’s why I “invented” quick food.

I can totally hear you asking “Okay, fine, what is quick food?” right? You totally are. Totally. Onward!

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Lamb Curry and Brown Rice

I was a vegetarian full time for six years with a few periods of full out vegan in there too. Six years and I gave it up for a chicken nugget. Okay, that’s a lie. I ate a chicken nugget for my “first” meat (actually 6, and then 3 chicken strips. Bad idea. Never again.). But I really gave up veg*n for moose meat, lamb, the ability to travel and taste cool ethnic foods, to try and live a more traditional subsistence lifestyle.

Anyway, my mom thinks it’s funny that I like lamb… because I was a veg*n for so long. Like, now that I’m not, I can’t enjoy a good cut of lamb? I think it has to do with the baby part. I dunno. She won’t eat it. My brother doesn’t eat it either. Freaks. One time she even sat across from me at a restaurant and made faces as I ate a gyro. Whatever. I do what I want.

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Soup Season!

It’s cold. It’s wet. It’s windy. It’s the middle of the winter and we’ve just barely made it over the hump of solstice. Which means: It’s soup season! (I use the term soup very loosely here. Chowders and such are soups. End of story.)

I was puttering around the other day and wanted soup but alas, our freezers have run low on soup and our cupboards only had weird Campbells Chunky “Soup” (which is the only “soup” I do not call soup). But behold! The wonders of the cupboard revealed a 13 Bean Soup mix! Yay! All was right in my world: soup was on its way.

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Granola Bars À GoGo

Let me tell you about granola bars in my house….

In my house, granola bars are eaten almost daily. We take them camping. We take them hiking. We store them in our cars. We eat them on the go and as snacks at 2 in the morning. I keep three or four in my backpack. Currently there are four Costco sized boxes of granola bars in my house. We buy Chewy Bars, Cliff Bars, Nature Valley Bars, Naked Bars, Fiber One Bars… if it’s a food item and it’s in granola bar form: we’ve had it.

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