Lamb Curry and Brown Rice

I was a vegetarian full time for six years with a few periods of full out vegan in there too. Six years and I gave it up for a chicken nugget. Okay, that’s a lie. I ate a chicken nugget for my “first” meat (actually 6, and then 3 chicken strips. Bad idea. Never again.). But I really gave up veg*n for moose meat, lamb, the ability to travel and taste cool ethnic foods, to try and live a more traditional subsistence lifestyle.

Anyway, my mom thinks it’s funny that I like lamb… because I was a veg*n for so long. Like, now that I’m not, I can’t enjoy a good cut of lamb? I think it has to do with the baby part. I dunno. She won’t eat it. My brother doesn’t eat it either. Freaks. One time she even sat across from me at a restaurant and made faces as I ate a gyro. Whatever. I do what I want.

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